"PF PEGASUS FORTUNA GAMING S.A." gaming, trading as "PF EDUCATION", is based in Athens and its object is the provision of educational and training services through the development of life-long learning programmes – in all subject fields and specialised in the field of gaming – for unemployed, self-employed, employees of the private sector, businessmen, executives and employees of the public sector, members of cooperatives, for sensitive – special groups, as well as the development of employment consultancy services and the connection of training with the labour market.

  • PF Education is the first gaming specialties training facility in the balkan area and Southern Europe. Some of our mission goals include:

    1. Organizing seminars, conventions and workshops about the gaming industry
    2. Providing educational services for theoretical and practical knowledge
    3. Developing specialized skills for professionals
    4. Constant training and learning
    5. Interact and connect with the employment market